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          1. Work in Progress: Courtyard Hoe
            Sep 17, 2018

            Inaba Williams is designing a hoe in Santa Monica geared to outdoor living.

            Brooklyn Preschool in Architects Newspaper
            May 23, 2018

            Making the most of what is there

            Jeffrey on WGBH
            Feb 26, 2018

            Jeffrey describes the urban plan to move the Charles River

            Work in Progress - Manhattan Offices
            Dec 8, 2017

            Inside a Modern Architecture Landmark

            Join Eva Franch, Glen Cummings, and Jeffrey for a conversation at ADO

            Going beyond the utopia-dystopia mindset, Thursday April 6 7p 

            Jeffrey and Bjarke Ingels discs the ideas behind buildings
            May 14, 2016

            In the May issue of a+u Magazine

            Jeffrey to moderate a panel with Toyo Ito, Kazuyo Sejima, Sou Fujimoto, Akihisa Hirata, Junya Ishigami

            The first ever public discsion between these architects. Tuesday 8 March 2-4p at Columbia University

            Jeffrey in conversation with Kazuyo Sejima

            Wednesday 9 March 7p - organized by the Architectural League of NY

            INABA WILLIAMS
            Jul 1, 2015

            Happy to announce that as of July 1 we are INABA WILLIAMS